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The Personal Side

My name is Kathryn Gilstrap, and I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Clemson University. I have experience in a wide variety of programming languages, that I’ve used in my job as a Test Engineer, and in my freelance work as a Web Designer.

In my free time, I enjoy serving my community through my service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma. I also enjoy writing, and I’ve written for a couple of different entertainment focused websites, including  WOBAM Entertainment, Revenge of The Fans, and Full Circle Cinema. I have two precious puppies that occupy the rest of my time, named after characters in Star Wars, my shih-poo Antilles, and my Maltese-miniature schnauzer Benny. 

Slicer Scribbles About Me

Slicer Scribbles - About Me


The Scribbles Side of the Slicer Scribbles About Me

I’ve had my hand in a little bit of everything in the blog world. I started writing for WOBAM Entertainment while I was in college, and worked my way up to become Deputy Editor-In-Chief. As Deputy Editor-In-Chief, I wrote and edited articles, managed the website, our statistics, and worked on our social media presence. From there, I moved forward to Revenge of the Fans, where I was a news writer, as well as Feature Writer. Now I write news articles, features, and reviews for Full Circle Cinema. You can find all my reviews and features at other websites HERE. I also write individual pieces on things that strike my mind here on Slicer Scribbles. 

In terms of what I enjoy covering, I cover a wide range of subjects on any site. I can talk about Marvel/DC film and TV with ease, and I enjoy most movie genres but horror. I have gotten back into reading more recently, and hope to expand my writing repertoire to include more pieces about fiction novels.


The Slicer Side of the Slicer Scribbles About Me

I’ve studied many programming languages since transitioning into Computer Science in college. I have experience in C, Python, C++, and Java, all of which I learned at Clemson. The biggest focus Clemson gave us was in Object Oriented Programming. I taught myself C#, and SQL for my previous internship, and current job as a Test Engineer. I have begun to work more with PHP, Javascript, and HTML as I pursue opportunities in website design. My goal in building my personal library of programming languages is to give myself the opportunity to tackle any project. If you’re interested in obtaining some help on a programming project, whether it be website design, management, or a different type of project, click HERE for my contact form.