Review: GHOSTBUSTERS(1984)

I actually didn’t find Ghostbusters all that intriguing. It’s why I never picked it up in the first place. It seems too far ahead of its time first of all, technology wise. Murray and Aykroyd clearly have chemistry, along with Weaver, but the rest of the cast seems extraordinarily out of place at first glance. […]

Review: SHAZAM!(2019)

Shazam! is an emotional journey that’s full of laughs and a lot of heart. It’s well directed, the cast is phenomenal, and Billy Batson/Shazam will definitely be sticking around in the DC Expanded Universe. The marketing for this movie is done phenomenally well, and major props to the marketing department for their choice in footage and […]

Review: CAPTAIN MARVEL(2019)

Captain Marvel is a fun but flawed flick. The first half of the movie is slow, and uncoordinated, with the filmography struggling immensely to handle the beginning action. The second half of the movie amps it up, with Ben Mendelsohn stealing the spotlight as Talos. The film very much takes on a buddy cop kind of feel, […]

Review: BACK TO THE FUTURE(1985)

Back to The Future is a cult classic that is the pinacle of geekdom. This movie has everything; time travel, unraveling the main character’s (Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox)) future, romance, and a *semi* crazy uncle figure in Doc Emmet Brown(Christopher Lloyd). I learned the hard way that this movie is just a teeny bit of a […]