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What is this Podcast?

Slice of Film is a podcast where I’ll take a slice out of a film with a guest. It might be an older film, it might be a new film. Most of the time it’ll be a film I haven’t seen before. It covers a wide range of genres, and we’ll go in depth to the film of choice. The show ends with a quick look into what films me and the guest have watched recently and where you can find them. I’m always willing to cover anything, so if you’re interested in coming on the podcast, let me know!


Slice of film Episodes

Alien Slice of Film Cover

Episode 1




La La Land Podcast Cover Image

Episode 2

Guest: travis snell

a slice of la la land


Driving Miss Daisy Podcast Cover Image

Episode 3

GUEST: Landon beall

A SLICE OF driving miss daisy


Batman '89 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 4

Guest: nathan odinson

a slice of batman ’89


Jurassic Park Podcast Cover Image

Episode 5

GUEST: dillon

A SLICE OF jurassic park


Batman Returns Podcast Cover Image

Episode 6

Guest: nathan odinson

a slice of Batman Returns


Slice of Film Podcast

Episode 7

Guest: Sara Taylor

A Slice of twilight and new moon


Star Wars Alliance podcast

Star Wars Alliance Podcast Image

What’s this Podcast On?

This podcast is the place for your galaxy far far away news on the Geek Ultimate Alliance Network. Hosted by myself and Nathan Odinson, we will cover your favorite items of Star Wars, as well as touch on any recent news. 

Star Wars alliance episodes


Unpack Your Love For Star Wars Cover Image

Episode I


Unpack your love for Star Wars


A Kiss of Gratitude for News and The Clone Wars Season 7

Episode II


a kiss of gratitude for news and the clone wars season 7


The Thrawn Tales from Canon

Episode III

Guest: taylor fields

The thrawn tales from canon


Let the Wookie Win Cover Image

Episode IV


Let the wookie win


Star Wars Alliance Podcast Image

Episode V

Guest: tom Hoeler

an interview with del rey Star Wars editor tom hoeler


An Assassin and a Jedi Walk into a Bar Podcast Image

Episode VI


an Assassin and a jedi walk into a bar


The Rise of the High Republic Podcast

Episode VII


The rise of the high republic