Back to The Future is a cult classic that is the pinacle of geekdom. This movie has everything; time travel, unraveling the main character’s (Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox)) future, romance, and a *semi* crazy uncle figure in Doc Emmet Brown(Christopher Lloyd). I learned the hard way that this movie is just a teeny bit of a requirement for some pop culture references in popular movies nowadays. Nonetheless, I have seen other movies, so while I will try and point out bits of originality, I may be mistaken in some cases and miss others.
This movie has obviously been out for a little bit, but just incase, if you haven’t seen this movie turn around and go watch it, then come back cause there are spoilers ahead!
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Back to The Future is an amazing movie. The plot is well developed, and turns out very eloquently in the end. This could have been a one shot film and succeeded quite nicely at wrapping things up. Marty ends up accidentally going back in time to the day his parents meet, and destroys their original get together. This causes a paradox, of which Marty and his siblings being slowly erased, with Marty being the last one to go. Marty works to put time back together throughout the movie, and still ends up with a different life in the future because of his meddling.
It was a great plot move, Marty going back to something different than what he had really. It shows some great character development in the way of the father, and presents the butterfly effect of time meddling, without being too hardcore over it. Even though Marty’s parents got together in the end, things didn’t quite end up the same. There wasn’t “devastating” effects that typically happen in movies nowadays. Marty didn’t have to put the timeline back together to original specifications, and it was a good move. The stealing plutonium bit from the Libyans felt a little cheating, and unoriginal in a sense, as that’s been done quite a lot since. But this movie was one of the first, so all the others could have copied off of it.
Character development in Marty is awesome. We see him turn around on the opinions of his parents, and see why his father is so timid in the future. Michael J. Fox really fits this role, and it was well worth the wait on the movie for the studio to have him in it. Marty helps turn his dad around and that’s great. His mom however, his mom is laughable. It really shows for the time of the movie released, how she acts, but she turns around at the end with the timeline being rearranged. 
Doc Brown is an awesome character, being the weird Uncle-like figure to Marty. There is not much development in his character however, as we see more of the past Doc Brown. He’s still a great figure head, and Christopher Lloyd does well in the role.
The emotion in the plot, and from the characters feels genuine. You can feel the terror from Marty as he tries to figure out how he will solve getting his parents back together. You can see Doc really care about the people around him, and he’s willing to do anything  to help them out. Crispin Glover (George McFly) really pulls off the distraught nerd and makes the transformation form terrified, to confident very smooth. The cast meshes together and you can feel the chemistry.
Overall, very good movie! I’m sorry I’ve missed out on such a classic over the years. It lines up extraordinarily well, with very few flaws. 

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